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  • Kotarou 10 months ago +2


  • beach is not salty, sea is (get your shit right)

    • Kotarou 10 months ago 0

      @IGotBannedOnEloHellMyLifeSucks: Did you ever eat sand to confirm it?

    • @Kotarou: yes when I was young lol

    • mrmaksl 10 months ago 0

      @Kotarou: salt is pretty much anything you get when combining an acid and a base. even fresh water is in fact salty, just by the right amount. driking pure water just h2o would make you sick for the lack of minerals.

    • Kotarou 10 months ago 0

      @mrmaksl: ...So what?

    • Assasasa 10 months ago 0

      @mrmaksl: Actually it would only make you sick if you drink loots of h2o as it would wash away minerals from your body.(As pure h2o have less density than your body's fluid has). The minerallessnes isn't problem alone.

    • I Am Panties 10 months ago 0

      @Assasasa: There was a marathon biker that drank loads and loads of water before the marathon, eventually he collapsed. The medical team got to him but the outer symptoms ware the same as dehydration therefore they fed him more water. He than died.

  • Same message as in the post above.

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