Miss Fortune skin concept
Miss Fortune skin concept
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  • Solash 10 months ago +2

    *Random Korean gibberish*

  • Roz 10 months ago +4

    I prefer D'va in all kind of porn.

    • Skrollox 9 months ago 0

      Hey, can you give a source of your avatar? I saw it somewhere, but I can't find it anymore.

    • Roz 9 months ago 0

      @Skrollox: https://www.facebook.com/aramadventures/photos/a.1502240333365650.1073741827.1501172546805762/1722250981364583/?type=3&theater;

  • kamienw 10 months ago 0

    Everything containing D.Va is amazing ^.^

  • Warden 10 months ago +3

    MF? Come on, D.Va deserves better...

    • FinalBoss.exe 10 months ago 0

      @Warden: Rumble? Both have robots...

    • Warden 10 months ago 0

      @FinalBoss.exe: Better. What I meant is, that despite her epic lore, in game MF is just ''boobs with guns''. Her VoiceOver is terrible to the point that she feels like I'm playing a ho. And D.Va in game is deeper as a character.

    • @Warden: D.Va as Lucian.
      Though, i agree on you with the MF part.

    • Warden 10 months ago 0

      @Kalista the Spear of Justice: Lucian is worthy xD

  • Hellcopter 10 months ago 0

    Would be funny to hear her shouting NERF THIS while pew pew Mf's ultimate

  • no one will see me in this 1 week old post

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