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  • Ekko 2 years ago +3

    Put down a pink ward.. maybe its eve or shaco

    • Kotarou 2 years ago 0

      You might also catch a wild Taric hunting for pink gems.

  • windows 10 sucks

  • Kotarou 2 years ago +7 cannot find 'New posts'. Make sure you flamed the admins correctly, and then reload the site again.

    • Kotarou 2 years ago 0

      Welp, seems like this site finally dieded.

    • WarriorOfGames 2 years ago 0

      @Kotarou: dieded? xDDD

    • Kotarou 2 years ago 0

      @WarriorOfGames: It's just a joke you know. It was somewhat popular here some time ago, with chains of diedededededededed and things like that.

    • did tsm wonnered ?

  • Gree 2 years ago +6

    Site is really dead

  • site might be dead but elohell definitely is not because admins put posts on fb page and they have lots of likes, I guess they understood that clickbait sucks xD

  • Qgytur 2 years ago 0

    So... Do you know any other site where new pics/fanarts/etc. are posted?

    • Kotarou 2 years ago 0

      lolhentai Kappa

    • Dragon-sama 2 years ago 0

      @Kotarou: Ma nigga

    • Ekko 2 years ago 0

      @Qgytur: Just check Deviatart or artstation

  • Gree 2 years ago +1


  • mrmaksl 2 years ago +1

    QUICK!!! spam your memes while admins aren't watching

  • Slutty_Janna 2 years ago 0

    It's not deaded

  • Rest in peperoni Elohell

  • Kotarou 2 years ago 0
    Seems like this is literally dead... So could we give it a proper goodbye?

  • Roz 2 years ago 0

    Clown fiesta

  • Polelnyja 2 years ago 0

    Day #3 Still nothing new on main site, Admins i kno u can get hangover but you r responsible for our lol fandom so pls give us a sign :D

    • I Am Panties 2 years ago 0

      @Polelnyja: This site is ours now, queue is new main, deal with it.
      Admins have diededed, not like they ever did anything but troll anyway.

    • Polelnyja 2 years ago 0

      @I Am Panties: Gues what?

  • 18931125z 2 years ago -3

    you guys can try out
    they have sfw and nsfw stuff tho

    • Kotarou 2 years ago 0

      @18931125z: That site is even worse than elohell.

  • HeimerDoge 2 years ago +1

    Day 6: still no admins.

    Trigger them with porn and reposts.

    Hopefully it works.

    • Polelnyja 2 years ago 0

      @HeimerDoge: Bribe the elohell gods with porn hopefully it works :D

    • HeimerDoge 2 years ago 0

      @Polelnyja: yeah xD

  • Main's dead I guess.
    Btw, please use the +18 feature. Like, come on. I come here for laughs.

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