Evelynn the Window maker
Evelynn the Window maker
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  • GimpBaraJos32 2 years ago 0

    eve the builder?

  • Forerdow 2 years ago 0

    whats the point¿?

    • evelynn is called widowmaker and on this picture she is wiNdowmaker
      (actually is repost from a few days ago)

  • We need this as a skin

  • Roy 2 years ago 0

    I thought Windowmaker was an Overwatch character ...

    • kini-on-dini 2 years ago 0

      @Roy: I was told that the creators (or the ppl who worked on Overwatch) are from League... I don´t know if it´s true but maybe it is... and plus, nowaday everyone steals from everyone in the game industry

  • Kotarou 2 years ago 0


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