Summer Xin'Zhao
Summer Xin'Zhao
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  • Cibiloid 4 years ago 0

    oke, it's more than 1 years that this pic is around but would be an amazing skin

    • lexies 4 years ago 0

      @Cibiloid: im sorry if i reposted it

  • nikos-wolf-96 4 years ago 0

    this is a repost
    good thas you have repost it why i have not see it :)
    cool idea :)

  • ryan-cloepfil 4 years ago 0

    He opens it up when he knocks them up on the 3rd hit right?

  • Isensea 4 years ago +2

    Does this remind anyone else of the part in FF: Crisis Core where Zack uses an umbrella to fight off ninja assassins? Looks like it to me.

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