a  beautiful chilean
a beautiful chilean
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  • lexies 4 years ago +2


    • dravenop1 4 years ago 0

      @lexies: hexieslexies,are u lesbo?

    • lexies 4 years ago 0

      @dravenop1: y yes i am

    • dravenop1 4 years ago 0

      @Uriel-sama: itsactualy a girl

  • fakeman 4 years ago +3

    Who fed akali?

    • zephiroth 4 years ago -11

      @fakeman: I fed your mom with cum.

    • Quaasar 4 years ago 0

      @zephiroth: lmao dude wtf

    • Quaasar 4 years ago 0


    • whitedarkhell 4 years ago -1

      @zephiroth: If you don't understand "feed jokes", don't come to elohell, kid.

    • zephiroth 4 years ago 0

      @whitedarkhell: The thing is that these jokes are offensive and far from being funny...I know elohell has a huge community of retardsand trolls but seriously it's lame. Don't call me kid dude, I won't accept that from someone who makes "feed jokes".

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