All-Star Wars Pt. 1
All-Star Wars Pt. 1
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  • doctordevil 5 years ago +3

    The sad part is that it sounds like it could happen...

    • Hejt 5 years ago 0

      @doctordevil: I don't think so, they're pros after all ;p

  • Esril 5 years ago 0

    ... Can wait for allstars to start and see if all this is true xD A bit difficult to follow cause i usually dont speak english, but this is REALLY nice. Special mention for Dyrus, communications problems in EU team, and sOAz accent x) (which one is still

  • Aznzilla 5 years ago 0

    part 2 is here

    • Hejt 5 years ago 0

      @Aznzilla: Elohell will probably post it too

  • senny 5 years ago 0

    why damionprox and alexich are sometime blue and sometime green...

    • gothaic007 5 years ago 0

      @senny: blue i think is in english language, it's green when they're talking in russian language

  • gravesXD420 5 years ago 0

    EU talk less, play better.
    US gogog. oghogho. your fault, your fault.

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