Sunset Beach Summoner's Rift
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  • libor-jirousek 5 years ago +1

    there should be more different trees like palms insteed of normal ... otherwise its pretty cool in my opinion

  • Eivory 5 years ago +1

    Autor is working on trees. This is not final verze. (myslím že jsem ti to mohl napsat česky :D)

  • CybMountain 5 years ago 0

    Download here

  • nikos-wolf-96 5 years ago 0

    this is looking soooo awesome!!!!!

  • EstoLesto 5 years ago 0

    The brushes should be substitute with bamboo canes!

  • JustJor 5 years ago 0

    Where is Bob ?!

  • stawxqu 5 years ago 0

    Surfed singed is incoming.

  • juanjovargas 5 years ago 0

    dont forget Rumble in the Jungle!

  • alvaro-munoz-79 5 years ago 0

    pines on the beach? T.T

  • nekrocow1 5 years ago 0


  • atsuki2 5 years ago 0

    Sandcastles instead of turrets would be great!

  • Kempachi90 5 years ago 0

    Fake, no "art". Do you remember riot map whit snow (winter map)? He took "flor" from this map and change colors, etc. and allocate this floor to original map. Rocks? This isn't problem. Change colors in original map (or cange bitmaps). Deer Author, If you

    • Kempachi90 5 years ago 0

      @Kempachi90: Sorry for error, in third line to be "(or change bitmaps)". I dont know why i can't edit my comment.

  • hasan-alkathiry 5 years ago 0

    i have this one installed its so awesome

  • Funghetto98 5 years ago 0

    put on blue & normal golems sombreros, on lizard maracas and on creeps moustaches
    it'd be epic

  • baddy-highskilled 5 years ago 0

    I will take a look at the files and try to make it a bit more summer atmosphere ^^
    But definitivly want!

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