Do you play League of Legends? Have you ever wanted to be like Draven? Now it's possible! Just download Dravenize app and add Draven's moustache or face to your photo. You can also use other League of Legends's items such as Brolaf's helmet, Teemo's hat, Rabadon's Deathcap, Trinity Force and few more.
Dravenize your photo and share it with your friends!
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  • NemoTeemoSupremo 5 years ago -3

    OH hell, not a chance... xD

  • turkashi 5 years ago 0

    AVG antivirus gives this as a untrusted app

    • Jedreks10 3 years ago 0

      @turkashi: Gz you won secret message turkashi :3 more like troll message

  • FAymYs19 4 years ago 0

    Its not working on my phone!
    There is just this ERROR.

  • MrsLecter 4 years ago 0

    Yeah my antivius gives this as an untrusted app too

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